Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Actions to Protect Oceans

As individuals and families, what can we do to protect God's oceans?

  • Eat fish that comes from sustainable fisheries

  • Agricultural runoff into streams (and subsequently into oceans) is a major source of water pollution.  Consider buying local organic food that is sustainably grown and does not put pressure on threatened species or habitats.

  • Do not pollute--recycle used oil--and do not litter (plastic bags and six-pack rings easily end up in oceans, where they suffocate and entangle fish, sea turtles, birds, and other creatures).

  • Reconsider taking a cruise.  Cruise ships dump tons of waste directly into the open oceans, where there are no national laws prohibiting the practice.

  • Plant trees, and encourage tree plantings in your community, especially near streams.  Nurture and care for the trees.

  • Pray and act for the conservation of the earth's oceans and have faith that God will answer your prayers and honor your faithfulness to his will.

  • Tell your elected officials that you want government policies that support clean waters and ocean health.
Source:  The Green Bible

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