Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Actions to Protect Endangered Creatures

What can we do to protect endangered plants and animals?
  • Pray for endangered creatures, including the ones in your own neighborhood and yard.  Pray that God guides you and your family in your actions to care for other creatures as God intends.
  • Speak out on policies that affect endangered species.
  • Do not purchase anything made from endangered species or their parts (e.g., ivory, crocodile skin, corals)
  • Practice sufficiency and contentment in all your purchasing decisions.  Buy only what you need, seek out products that do not contain hazardous materials, and buy products with minimal packaging.  Recycle all materials--including computers--as much as possible, so they do not end up polluting lands and waters where creatures live.
  • Pollute less.  Pollution is a leading cause of species extinction. 
Source: The Green Bible

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