Monday, July 05, 2010

Pictures - 4th of July

The McKay's were gracious enough to offer us an opportunity to gather for July 4th festivities. Their location was PERFECT for those wanting to view the fireworks. Before then we cooked out and had a delicious supper. Here are some pictures to share with you of the evening.
Chris Nelson and Episcocat


Jim Stevens

Juliet Richards and Jim Stevens
Angus Nicholson, George McKay, Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

Wesley Yawn
Mary Ellen McKay

George McKay

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Dale said...

I enjoyed viewing the beautiful fireworks display last night with George & Mary Ellen. However, I was struck by what a fleeting point in time such a display is. It's great while it lasts, but there must be other things to sustain us, and joyfully these things are provided by our faith that we share as Christians! Sincerely, Dale Brock