Tuesday, June 22, 2010

God’s Creation is So Good

God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good. (Genesis 1:31) I love the creation story and am moved by that repeated reminder that ‘it is good’. Who cannot gaze upon the birds, trees, flowers, animals, mountains, beaches, rivers, and all other components of this planet and not be moved? What are our responsibilities for the preservation of this creation that is so very good?

Psalm 104 is often referred to as a hymn to God the creator. It has such beautiful images of God’s care and provision for this world. We often discuss the ways God provides for us, but what about his care for all creation? I love the joy and life mirrored in this psalm. As individuals, families, congregations, what does this say about how we relate to the rest of creation?

Take a moment today and notice what is ‘good’ in God’s creation.

Let us pray:
Creator God, author of life, source of all meaning, you made a universe of infinite complexity and beauty and entrusted us humans with the care of a tiny jewel called Earth.  With the passing of time we came to believe we were owners, not fellow creature dwellers, of this bountiful planet and its extravagant web of life. We have used God’s creation without regard for the impact our rapacity had on the other creatures with whom we share our earthly home. We have acted with craven disregard for complex ecosystems we barely understand. Our self-deception has led us to assume we have the capacity to manage environments we exploit to sustain lifestyles that defy the intrinsic interdependence of all life. Now we face the consequences of our idolatry. We thought we were gods; but our recklessness has brought us to our knees, to ask for your mercy and forgiveness for the chaos we have brought about. We pray for the oceans and all the creatures that dwell in it. We pray for the forests and the abundance of life they nurture. We pray for the very air we breathe, now laden with the toxic gases we produce. We pray for our children whose earthly home we have so imperiled. Loving God, have mercy on us, grant us forgiveness and the strength to make amends. Amen.


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