Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Actions to be a Deep Green Family

  1. Give Thanks:  Thank God for God's beautiful creation, and ask for help to care for it.

  2. Go Deep: Read what God's Word says about caring for creation and the people who depend on it.

  3. Recycle: Everyone in the family can help.  Recycle paper, cans, bottles, jars, batteries, chemicals, paint.

  4. Get Out:  Spend at least an hour a day outside.  Turn off the TV, computer, and video games and encourage your kids to have more "green time" than "screen time".

  5. Save Energy:  Turn off lights when leaving a room, buy Energy Star appliances, and turn the thermostat down in winter and up in summer.  Use your ceiling fans. 

  6. Do a Home Energy Audit:  Let the kids help do a home energy audit based on your last twelve months of utility bills.  Then get recommendations on how to make your home more energy efficient.

  7. Garden for Wildlife:  Invite creation into your yard by creating a backyard wildlife habitat.

  8. Combine Trips:  Poll the family before heading out in the car to see how trips can be combined.  Keep a list of all your errands in one place, and don't leave until you have several you can do in one trip.

  9. Light the Way to a New Energy Future:  Use compact fluorescent lamps instead of incandescent and save real money, while reducing pollution from power plants.  Recycle your old lamps rather than throw them away.

  10. Measure your Ecological Footprint:  Size up the impact your activities and consumption habits have by taking this quiz.
Source: The Green Bible

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