Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Action Ideas for Churches

  1. Help your church hold a "Creation Sunday" worship service.

  2. Become a "sister congregation" with a church in a community where toxic waste or pollution threatens the health of the church members.  Take their youth on an annual outdoor adventure.

  3. Hold a "Creation Celebration" and invite your community, campus, or congregation to enjoy the outdoors with you.

  4. Start a Bible study on what the Bible says about the environment.  Consider inviting people outside of the church.

  5. Set up a booth at a local environmental fair or Earth Day event, or plan one for your church.

  6. Get your church to conduct an energy audit and implement improvements.

  7. Adopt a local stream, park, or roadway for cleanup, monitoring, or restoration.

  8. Identify an important environmental issue and visit or write letters to local, state, or national leaders about it.

  9. Start a "Creation Club" for kids in your church. 

  10. Start a library of goods to share in your church.  Some churches have experimented with toy libraries and tool libraries.  Such ministries help us to live more simply and thereby reduce the pressures of materialism on creation.

  11. Volunteer in a city, state or national park.  With advance planning, rangers, park personnel, or foresters can put your church group to work.

  12. Hold a public prayer event with emphasis on creation care, restoration, and stewardship.

  13. Plant trees, shrubs, and perennials in places where shade and beauty are needed at your church.

  14. Organize a church or community garden and encourage gardeners to donate some of the harvest to local homeless shelters and soup kitchens.
Source: The Green Bible

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